Nuwaubians History in Putnam County

The Nuwaubians underwent  a rocky experience while in the midst of Putnam County, Eatonton Georgia.  To get an overview of what kind of troubles they had to endure, we have compiled these flyers that were passed out around town and beyond regarding the battle between the Putnam County Officials and the Nuwaubians who lived on 404 Shady Dale Road and through out Middle Georgia. This is not a complete collection of these flyers.  If you have a copy that's not listed in our directory and would like to share it with us, email it to aeoebookstore@gmail.com 

Below are links to PDF file.  You will need Acrobat Reader software to view each file.  You may download a free version at www.adobeacrobat.com

4 Where Are All the Jobs in Eatonton Going?
6 Are the Nuwaubians Brainwashed?
8 Rameses Social Club Illegally Closed?
13 The Nuwaubians and their Non Nuwaubian Family Members
14 If You can't Trust the Media to give you the Facts, Who can You Trust?
15 We told You that You'd be Next, Now they are coming for You.
16 First You Say The're Good, Then You Say The're Bad; Isn't this a Contradiction?
20 The Great Cover Up
24 Sills:  Suit or Fluke?
25 Is the Media Working for or against the Nuwaubians?
26 Sheriff Sills Attack on Malachi Continue
30 A Day in Eatonton Court and What and what Happened December 16, 1998 (Part 2)
38 Another Victory for the Nuwaubians
39 The Summons Has Become Darn Right Silly.  Don't let this man embarrass the Eatonton Court System. Part 1.
44 In A Nutshell!!
45 People of Eatonton, Don't Let them fool you!!!

Note:  Imagine while all of this was going on... while all these harassment from Putnam County officials were happening, causing stress, headaches, and heartaches on our Master Teacher, Tama-Reans, and Nuwaubians in the surrounding area, while all of this was happening... Dr. Malachi Z. York still manage to put out so many books for your sake.  That's to show you how much he cares for you, his people.  Can you imagine while undergoing through this whole turmoil and legal battle  he still had to stay focus on his mission, and that's to give you, RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, NUWAUBU!. He dedicated his life for us.  So the least we could do is to fight for HIS FREEDOM!!! FREE DR. MALACHI Z. YORK!

There are many more flyers coming soon.  We are in the middle of formatting them in PDF for everyone to view.  But if you would like more information about the legal case of Dr. Malachi Z. York, visit the following website:  www.NuwaubianFacts.com  They have a large collections of all sorts of documents regarding the Dr. Malachi Z. York's case.








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