Below are collection of articles from local and nationwide media outlets who have written and published about Dr. Malachi Z. York and the Nuwaubians.

2002-July-2 Nuwabian leader sued for $1 billion over sex abuse charges
2002--June-2 Sect leader promised salvation via sex, teen says
2002-May-29 Bond set for Nuwaubian woman
2002-May-19 Athens Probing Nuwaubian Leader
2002-May-16 Grand Jury Indicts Nuwaubian Leader
2002-May-15 Putnam County members work to bolster better image of United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
2002-May-15 Bail Is Denied for Sect Leader Accused of Molesting Children
2002-May-14 Agent Details Nuwaubian Abuse
2002-May-14 Religious Sect Faces 116 New Counts
2002-May-14 Warrants Issued for Sect Women
2002-May-14 FBI: Kids from 4 to 18 abused in sect
2002-May-13 FBI: Dozens Molested by Sect Leader
2002-May-11 Lawsuits overshadow Nuwaubian leader
2002-May-10 Five Kids May Speak in Nuwaubian Trial
2002-May-10 DFACS takes custody of 5 Nuwaubian children
2002-May-10 Couple at head of Ga. sect face child-sex charges
2002-May-10 Prosecutors vow to keep sect leader jailed
2002-May-9 Timeline of Nuwaubian events
2002-May-9 Arrest Nuwaubians' latest trouble
2002-May-9 Nuwaubian leader pleads not guilty

2001-Dec-15 Nuwaubian Broad Street building on hold
2001-Oct-17 Commission fails to reach Nuwaubian rezoning decision
2001-July, 22 Nuwaubian leader York working on his public image
2001-April, 11 Nuwaubian voting suit dismissed

2000 - Nov, 11 Nuwaubians win appeals court decision
2000 - Oct, 12 Judge sides with Putnam on Nuwaubian permit
2000 - June, 28 Nuwaubian rally draws hundreds
2000 - June, 28 Nuwaubian expansion rejected
2000 - June, 25 Brown receives support from black elected officials
2000 - June, 24 Nuwaubians' annual festival gets under way
2000 - June, 23 Purge of Nuwaubians from voter rolls continues
2000 - June, 23 Nuwaubians may try to have elections halted
2000 - June, 8 Judge denies contempt motion in Putnam/Nuwaubian wrangle
2000 - May, 15 Nuwaubians, Who Are These People?
2000 - May, 11 Snipes' company may buy property
2000 - Feb, 4 Nuwaubian land sale sparks little controversy

1999 - Dec - 31 Religious sect plans gala event
1999 - July, 27 Georgia Sect Alarms Neighbors
1999 - Aug, 8 Reaction to Nuwaubians mixed in Putnam County
1999 - Aug, 8 Eatonton site raises a lot of questions
1999 - Aug, 8 Accusations Of Racism
1999 - June, 30 Black Sect Pledges To Cooperate
1999 - June, 29 Tensions Simmer Around a Black Sect in Georgia
1999 - July, 12 Space Invaders






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